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Ransom's Voice

Dominique Stein is beautiful, young, and Jewish. Her sanity is overly dependent on external cues, chameleon-like. She awakens every morning at 5:59:59. She weighs in at exactly 111, her snug palindrome. These are her “friends.” They keep her safe. Then, it all explodes. She desperately searches to find her way back inside that cozy bubble of sanity she had constructed.

Lost, her bearings off and wobbly, her instincts are not functions. Crimes are committed, not everyone survives. Found not guilty by virtue of temporary insanity, she is sent to a psychiatric prison for women. There she is caught between the kind, serene Freudian analysist Dr. Haddad, and the head of the institute, the manic, megalomaniacal Dr. du Chevre, who offers her the Faustian contract: be the subject for his secretive, odd research, and he will get her out of prison earlier.  

Dominique has to navigate her way out of this maze of institutional insanity. Which shrink is telling her the truth? Or are they both lying to her, manipulating her for their own strange motives?

In this psychological thriller, Gary Dvorkin crafts a compelling story of love, betrayal, and reality-shifting anxiety. Dominique hears many voices in her life. But which one can she trust? Which voice will ransom her sanity?

What Amazon is Saying...

This book was a rollercoaster ride from beginning to end. I normally take weeks or even months to finish a book as they don't grab me right off the bat and I don't care too much what happens to the characters as I don't feel a connection to them. However, Dominique was different. She captured me right from the start and I constantly needed to know what will happen to her next! 

Amazon Customer

I could not put this book down. This novel kept me on the edge of my seat. All the characters have their own stories, that all end up being incorporated into the big picture. Dvorkin seems to have an incredible understanding of human character, and describes craziness in a way that makes sense! Scary! I highly recommend this book.


Dvorkin has created a complex character struggling with Mental Illness. This story moved me in unexpected ways and I found myself absorbed at every turn. Quite the page turner.


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